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The JA-chair is based on a vertical circle.  The height and the depth ratio is adjusted in such a way every person can sit in it and rock comfortably.  

The JA-chair comes numbered and finished with 3 layers of water based ultra matte varnish. Any type of upholstery is possible.


Birch plywood finished with water based ultra matte varnish.


Diameter: 92 cm

Width: 60 cm

Height: 79 cm

Seat height: 42 cm

Weight: 20 kgs

'When I started thinking about what eventually became the JA-chair, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a well sitting chair based on a vertical circle.

Because of this challenge, it is not illogical that it has become a rocking chair.

This did entail a number of additional challenges.

What turned out to be the most complicated was to adjust the height and depth ratio of the seat in such a way that almost any height of person could sit in it properly.

In combination with the balance, this ratio ultimately determined the diameter of the chair.'